Steel Channel

Steel channel is long strip steel with grooved section, which belongs to carbon structural steel for construction and machinery. It is mainly used in building structures, curtain wall engineering, machinery and equipment and vehicle manufacturing.
The shape of this product is also ideal for added strength and rigidity over steel angle when a project's load is vertical or horizontal. Additionally, this steel shape is easy to weld, cut, form and machine.
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Steel channel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specification of hot rolled plain channel steel is 5-40#. The specification of hot rolled flexible channel steel supplied by agreement of both parties is 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used for building structures, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed cabinets, etc., channel steel is often used in conjunction with i-beam.
Channel steel can be divided into four types according to the shape: cold curved equal-edge channel steel, cold curved unequal edge channel steel, cold curved inner edge channel steel, cold curved outer edge channel steel.
Application: It is widely used in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, truck beds, trailers, etc.