Stainless Strip

Stainless steel strip is a semifinished product obtained from the hot rolling of slabs or billets and is produced for conversion by cold rolling or hot rolling.
316L stainless steel strip :316 stainless steel contains molybdenum and low carbon content, and its resistance to point corrosion in the Marine and chemical industrial environment is much better than 304 stainless steel! Low carbon 316L, high strength 316N nitrogen, high sulfur content 316F stainless steel, easy cutting stainless steel.
304L stainless steel strip: as a low-carbon 304 steel, the corrosion resistance is similar to that of 304 in general, but after welding or stress elimination, it has excellent grain boundary corrosion resistance and can maintain good corrosion resistance without heat treatment. 304 stainless steel strip: with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical characteristics, stamping, bending and other thermal processing, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon.
303 stainless steel strip: by adding a small amount of sulfur and phosphorus, it is easier to cut than 304. Other properties are similar to 304.
Stainless Steel strip is used in applications including heat exchangers, heating elements, flexible tubing, filtration devices, cutlery products, springs, and surgical and medical instruments.
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  • 316L Stainless Steel Strip

    316L Stainless Steel Strip

    316L Stainless Steel Strip is the United States standard brand, stainless steel, heat resistance and corrosion resistant steels · is a 0cr17ni12mo2 for GB. It's better than 304 stainless steel. • Corrosion resistance is better than 0cr19ni9 in seawater and various other...Read More

  • 201 Stainless Steel Strip

    201 Stainless Steel Strip

    201 Stainless steel strip is a low nickel austenitic stainless steel. 201 Stainless steel strip, The meeting of ISSF (Worldsteel Stainless steel forum) in Seoul predicted that the supply of stainless steel raw materials would not be in serious shortage in the case of low NI...Read More

  • 304 Stainless Steel Strip

    304 Stainless Steel Strip

    304 stainless steel strip is a versatile stainless steel material, anti-rust performance than 200 series of stainless steel material to be strong. High temperature resistance is also relatively good, can be up to 1000-1200 degrees. 304 stainless steel strip has excellent...Read More

  • 304L Stainless Steel Strip

    304L Stainless Steel Strip

    We're the expert of stainless steel strip with rich experience, our strips are widely used for Pipe-making, Hose, Air conduit, Gasket, Hose clamp, Electronics and Petrochemical Industry. It's more than 20 years since we entered into the field of stainless steel strip...Read More

  • 904L Stainless Steel Strip

    904L Stainless Steel Strip

    904L stainless steel is a kind of super Austenitic stainless steel material. 904L Stainless Steel Strip is a kind of high alloy Austenitic stainless steel with a very low carbon content. Due to its good corrosion resistance in the dilute acid, it is designed especially for...Read More

  • 202 Stainless Steel Strip

    202 Stainless Steel Strip

    202 Stainless Steel Strip,1CR18MN8NI5N is 202, tensile strength 520MPa, section shrinkage rate 45%, and 0cr18ni9 is 304, tensile strength 520MPa, section shrinkage rate 60%, you can see 202 Stainless Steel Strip contains a higher C, hardness is slightly higher, but the...Read More

  • 316 Stainless Steel Strip

    316 Stainless Steel Strip

    Stainless steel strip is simply the extension of the ultra-thin stainless steel plate, it is a narrow, long steel plate. Chemical Composition of 316 Stainless Steel Strip C :≤0.08 Si:≤1.00 Mn:≤2.00 S :≤0.030 P :≤0.035 Cr:16.00~18.50 Ni:10.00~14.00 Mo:2.00~3.00 Performance of...Read More