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Tangshan To Start Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Reduction Requirements Steel Enterprises Limited 50%
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  By the City Meteorological Bureau, the city Environmental Monitoring Center station and the city environmental Protection dispatching Center Expert Group of the Federation of Experts to judge, is expected from September 25 onwards, the city meteorological diffusion conditions become worse, not conducive to pollutant diffusion, air quality to moderate pollution, a short period of serious pollution.

  According to the results of the consultation and the "Tangshan 2017-2018 autumn and winter air pollution comprehensive treatment work plan", the municipal government decided to start emergency mitigation measures in the city from 0 o'clock on September 25.

  Emergency mitigation measures mainly include: The city's iron and steel enterprises pelletizing shaft furnace, sintering Machine Limited to 50%; the whole city coking enterprises to extend the coke time to more than 36 hours; Lunan District, Lubei District, hi-tech Development Zone construction site All stop the earth work, demolition site are all stop work. Municipal government requirements, the County (city) district governments, the Development zone (management Area) of the CMC, departments directly under relevant departments to immediately the requirements of the notice to the relevant units, and quickly prepare for work to ensure that the required implementation in place. The municipal government will organize the steering group to carry out Mintza, and all localities and departments concerned shall strengthen supervision and inspection. All types of enterprises and sites that do not implement emergency mitigation measures according to the requirements shall be strictly investigated according to law, and the local governments and their departments responsible for implementing emergency mitigation measures should be transferred to the supervision departments for accountability.

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