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Stainless Steel Plate And Stainless Steel Net
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  In people's consciousness must think that stainless steel net must be more than the same thickness and material of stainless steel plate high price, in fact not necessarily, many times the square meters of stainless steel plate than stainless steel net. This is because the stainless steel plate is cut and stretched to form a stainless steel net, because after stretching, stainless steel plate can produce 3 meters or 4 meters of size, specific tensile elongation to see the elongation of stainless steel plate NET, that is, short pitch size and stem width ratio, so that is not necessarily who high who low. To figure this out, it is necessary to analyze the production of a square meter stainless steel plate used in stainless steel plate and processing costs and a square meter of stainless steel plate price who is low.

  This question is not difficult to understand, the heart to calculate the know. Stainless steel plate has a variety of materials, common stainless steel 201/304/304l/316/316l, and so on, in the same material and thickness, as long as the comparison between the two processing costs and the use of the size of the difference between the number of the value of which small can be.

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