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Stainless Steel Brushed Matte Treatment Cabinet Counter Surface Decoration Stainless Steel Plate Treatment
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  A lot of people for the kitchen counter side of the house, stainless steel cups, stainless steel table, stainless steel ashtray, etc. have an impression that the product surface is brushed or frosted, if in a quiet night of the occasion you must think it is how to do it, texture so structured even imagine how he did it. In fact, the treatment of stainless steel surface is a set of processes, she is first in a 1220*2440 board to make, can also be 1 meters *2 meters or customer specified size to do.

  It is a 2B board before the surface is processed and is called a drawing board after processing. For example, a 1220*2440 plate is placed on the conveyor belt, usually need 2 master, boot master, a film Master 2, that is, a drawing board requires 5 master to make, first by the boot master according to customer requirements or sample selection of abrasive belt, abrasive belt is different with coarse and thin, These are prescribed, after a good belt, you can wear, plate on the conveyor belt, by the master pendulum is good, the plate automatically to the machine over there, conveying the process by another master to check the surface of the board whether there is a stain, the plate after the machine will be based on the machine is oil or mill to determine its aesthetic degree, In fact, this is a very good difference, oil mill in the light of the plate will present a color of the Youhua on the top, on the other hand, the milling machine will not, after the plate after the surface will be very clean.

  Directly from the conveyor belt on the film can be boxed, and then sent down a process of processing points or direct delivery. The application of stainless steel wire drawing board is very extensive, from food machinery food equipment Construction Engineering decoration projects have its use, if you can not remember me to tell you, shopping malls, the column, the home of the toothpaste racks, the kitchen counter, and so many many.

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