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Production Method Of Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe
- Mar 09, 2018 -

1) Hot Extrusion process Hot extrusion process is the main production technology of hot-working stainless steel seamless pipe abroad. Compared with the production method of extrusion and rolling (longitudinal rolling and skew rolling), the extrusion method is characterized by triaxial compressive stress in the process of deformation. Under this optimal condition, the stainless steel tubes with large deformation resistance and poor thermal plasticity can obtain better internal and external surface quality and microstructure. Because of the improvement of the vertical hydraulic piercing process equipment, the precision of the extruded pipe wall thickness can reach the 5%~7%.

Extrusion machine Mold easy to manufacture and replacement, suitable for the production of small batches, many specifications of stainless steel tubes, especially suitable for the production of oblique rolling mill difficult to process high alloy steel materials.

(2) Hot rolling process In China, the stainless steel tube perforation is generally used two-roll punching machine, not only commonly used austenitic stainless steel, including difficult to deform duplex stainless steel and high-temperature alloy can also be in two-roll skew-rolling machine on the mass production. If the use of two-roll cone-shaped roller piercing machine, can produce steel, capillary surface defects, especially internal surface defects such as internal folding, less internal cracks, at the same time the production of the thickness of the capillary wall thinner, after a variety of pipe mill (longitudinal rolling, skew rolling) can be more thin pipe wall, thereby reducing the cold drawing (rolling), productivity and yield improved,

  Economic benefits have increased markedly.

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