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Problems Existing In Reinforcement Engineering Construction
- Mar 09, 2018 -

1. The quantity arrangement of steel bar is different From the actual situation of the reinforcement construction, there are some errors in the actual arrangement calculation of the steel bars in some position, because the layout of the steel bars in the design drawing is expressed through the spacing without specific values, so there are unreasonable conditions in the construction calculation due to the deviation of calculation. At the same time, the overlap of the components in the construction process can not be accurately mastered.

Especially in the node processing operation is not appropriate, resulting in the construction of concrete pouring obstruction, there are security risks.

1. Steel bar not in accordance with the provisions of the point of lashing firmly In the actual construction process, the compressive strength and tensile strength of the rigid and its components are closely related to the position of the component, that is to say, the steel bar near the neutral axis position, can not play a good role in the resistance of steel.

   In the process of construction, there is no work negligence, and for the reinforcement of a good strapping, and in the construction of the placement is also relatively random, thus leading to the situation of the steel skeleton, which affects the actual role of the play, directly affect the load-bearing capacity of the component.

1. The Anchorage, connection and knot of the steel bar are neglected during construction Affected by the limited professional quality of some construction personnel, it is easy to lead to multiple conditions in the construction process, especially the anchorage and connection root of the steel bar can not meet the actual needs of the building, and does not meet the relevant construction standards. And some construction personnel safety standard operation consciousness is low, when carry on the steel bar arc welding, does not prepare the work directly to carry on the welding, causes the welding quality unqualified, appears the serious dislocation situation and so on, directly affects the steel bar construction overall quality.

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