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Market Forecast Of Stainless Steel Plate
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  Market and future forecast: Futures: Today, the nickel LUN shock pull up, early opening after the rapid lifting, hit 13,490 points near the shock to weaken, but the day of the inner 13400 formation of support, the afternoon price quickly pull up, the top of the plate hit 13,535 points, the Asian market after the close run at 13465 U.S. dollars/ton, Rose 0.49%.

Shanghai nickel today Rose 0.22%, reported 102410 yuan/ton, positions 505504 hands, compared to the previous day to increase 21728 hands. Steel mills: Qingshan Steel start 304 hot-Rolled plate Price: 304 hot-rolled narrow-strip, hot-rolled plates are quoted 14200 yuan/ton, compared to the previous session fell 100 yuan/ton. For March futures.

  Fujian Yong Jin 304 cold rolling offer price also cut 100 yuan/ton, reported to 14900 yuan/ton, futures can be spot.

  Market aspects: Today 304 Market, part of the production, steel mills to actively reduce the guided prices, agents, traders also homeopathic downward operation.

  Today, Wuxi market price fluctuation is not large, wine steel, too steel four feet cutting edge of 15350 yuan/ton, Hongwang, Yong Jin, Prudential four-foot burr 14600-14700 yuan/ton, hot-rolled wide board 143000 yuan/ton near. Foshan market, the decline in 50-100 yuan/ton range.

  Wine steel four feet cut 15350 yuan/ton, too steel four feet raw base price of 15700 yuan/ton, Hongwang, prudential four feet edge 14650-14700 yuan/ton, Yong Gold then 14800 yuan/ton, hot-rolled mainstream raw base price 14200 yuan/ton near. Although the recent steel mills no more than 304 resources to arrive in bulk, but the market can sell a lot of cash, specifications are also neat, no advantage ah, can only spell price! The recent 304 stainless steel market is expected to benefit from the operation.

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