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Cleaning Method Of Stainless Steel Plate Products
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  The first is the physical cleaning method. This approach is to use hand tools and machinery to the various types of pollution by external force removal, without changing the pollution of the composition of the cleaning method, in other words, this is a way of not changing the original chemical molecular components of the dirt. There are mechanical cleaning method, cleaning machine and scraper cleaning method, drill pipe cleaning method, shot peening cleaning method; the second is water conservancy, low pressure hydraulic cleaning (low pressure cleaning of 196.686 million pa, about 2-7 kg force/square centimeter, equal to 0.2-0.7mpa); the third is high-pressure hydraulic cleaning, high-pressure cleaning pressure of 4.9 million kpa, about 50 kg force/square centimeter, equal to 5MPA.

  This method is also called high-pressure water jet method, high-pressure cleaning machine.

  Followed by the electronic cleaning method Anti-scaling, descaling principle is the use of high-frequency electric field to change the molecular structure of water, so that its anti-scaling and descaling. When water passes high frequency electric field, its molecular physical structure has already changed, the original association of the chain-like macromolecules, will break into a single water molecule, the salt in the water is a single molecule surrounded by water molecules, moving speed, reduce the number of effective collisions, electrostatic gravity decline, can not be in the heated wall-type pipe surface structure, so as to prevent the scale.

At the same time, because the water molecule dipole moment increases, it and the salt positive anion (scale molecule absorption ability increases, causes the heating surface or the tube wall scale to become soft, easy to fall off, has produced the descaling effect.

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