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Bearing Steel Is Mainly Used To Make Rolling Bearings And Rings
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  At present, bearing steels are produced by using +LF/VD or rh+ continuous casting and continuous rolling process with capacity greater than 60 tons to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption. In the heat treatment process, from the car bottom furnace, the bell-type furnace developed into a continuous controllable atmosphere annealing furnace heat treatment. At present, the longest continuous heat treatment furnace 150m, processing and production of bearing steel ball organization is stable and homogeneous, decarbonization layer small, energy consumption low. Bearing steel is mainly used to make rolling bearings and rings.

  Bearing should have long life, high precision, low calorific value, high-speed, high rigidity, low noise, high abrasion resistance and so on, so that bearing steel should have: high hardness, uniform hardness, high elasticity limit, high contact fatigue strength, the necessary toughness, a certain degree of hardenability, bearing steel tube plant in the atmosphere of the lubricant corrosion resistance. The overall strategy of the development of China's steel pipe industry should be: taking the scientific development concept as the guide, taking the independent innovation as the core, taking the circular economy as the goal, taking energy saving and environmental protection as the focus, forming independent intellectual property rights in product development, equipment manufacture and process innovation, and advancing to the steel Seamless steel tube to focus on the development of high-end products as the main direction, research to energy-saving as the goal of the short process of modern steel pipe production process.

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