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The processing of steel bar
- Mar 09, 2018 -

  The steel bar processing generally must go through four working procedure: Steel bar derusting, reinforcing bar straightening, reinforcing steel bar forming. When the rebar joint is connected with straight thread or conical thread, the upsetting of the end head and the thread machining process are added.

Reinforcement ingredients and substitution

Substitution of steel bars

(1) The following provisions shall be complied with in lieu of the steel bars specified in the design documents by another type of rebar or diameter bar:

According to the principle of equal design value of the bearing capacity of the steel bar, the construction requirements of steel bar spacing, anchorage length and minimum steel bar diameter should be met after reinforcement substitution.

  The method of changing the steel bar diameter should be adopted to reduce the steel section area by changing the method of the steel bar number.

(2) with the steel number of a certain diameter steel to replace the other diameter of the steel bar, the diameter of the range should not be more than 4mm, after the change of the total section area and the Design Document section area ratio must not be less than 98% or greater than 103%.

(3) The design of the main bar to take with the steel bar substitution, the spacing should be kept unchanged, can be used in diameter than the design of steel bar diameter large and small level of two types of steel bar spacing configuration substitution.

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