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Classification of stainless steel tubes
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Folding production

  Stainless steel pipe According to the production of seamless pipe and welded pipe two categories, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled tubes, cold rolled pipes, cold-drawn tubes and extrusion tubes, cold drawn, cold-rolled steel pipe two times processing;

Folded section shape 

  The stainless steel pipe can be divided into round pipe and abnormity tube according to the cross-section shape. Special-shaped tube has rectangular tube, diamond tube, oval tube, six square tube, plus pipe and various sections of asymmetrical tubes. Profiled tubes are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts.

  Compared with the circular tube, special-shaped tubes generally have a larger inertia moment and section modulus, a larger bending, torsional ability, can greatly reduce the weight of the structure, saving steel. The stainless steel pipe can be divided into equal section pipe and Variable section pipe according to the longitudinal profile shape. Tapered tube, stepped pipe and periodic section tube are the variable section tubes.

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